Growing up with English
The series is brought to you by What's Up in partnership with the Speak Good English Movement of Singapore.
  1. The love of reading - Dr Lim Yi-En traces her fascination for English back to her father's shelves of books.

  2. Language for healing - As a professional counsellor, Winston Tay has to use words carefully to help people deal with their anger and other issues.

  3. An effective tool for communication - Sunil Asirvatham uses simple, clear language that his customers can understand.

  4. Reading for pleasure - Denise Tan believes that we should have fun with the stories we read.

  5. Adventures in learning - MD Indera shows us that a passion for language can open exciting doors, whether at work or at play.

  6. Painting word pictures in our heads - Good writers bring stories to life using just words, says Shamim Dhilawala.