Cool it down!
This is a series about choosing words wisely when you speak. The series is brought to you by What's Up in partnership with the Speak Good English Movement of Singapore.
  1. Words are loaded - The right words can help cool down tricky situations.

  2. Angry? Let words work for you - Take charge of your anger and make good things happen.

  3. Be a better listener - Use words and gestures to say,
    "I hear you!"

  4. How to disagree - The right words can help you express your own view without upsetting others.

  5. Stop pointing fingers, start finding solutions - Avoid the blame game. Instead, focus on how to solve problems.

  6. Different words for different places - Wherever you are, tune in to the setting before you speak.

  7. Let metaphors speak for you - Metaphors convert plain English from a scoop of ice-cream into a delicious sundae.

  8. Add more laughter to your life - Share your humour with others and grow closer by laughing together.

  9. There is power in self-talk - Learn to talk to yourself with words that give you good energy.

  10. Dealing with difficult situations - How the right words can help.