play to learn
Grow a bookworm
Keep track of the books you have read with your very own bookworm!
Materials needed:
Large sheet of paper
Coloured craft paper
Colouring pens, markers
Stickers etc

Picture 1
1. The large sheet of paper will be the background on which you will make your bookworm. If you don't have paper that is so big, you can stick together a few A4-sized sheets as well.
Picture 2
2. Decorate the background any way you like.

You can now stick this large sheet on a wall, but make sure you get your parents' permision first.
Picture 3
3. Cut out a worm head from a piece of coloured craft paper, measuring 5 x 6 cms.
Picture 4
4. Draw two eyes with a black marker or pen.

Stick the worm head near one edge of your background.
Picture 5
5. Cut out a few squares of coloured paper, each measuring
5 x 5 cms.
Picture 6
6. Write down the title of each book you read on one square of paper.
Picture 7
7. Stick each square behind the head, to form the body of your bookworm.

The body will keep growing as you read more and more books.
Picture 8
8. You can fill in the gaps between the squares with a coloured marker or pen.

And, presto! Your very own bookworm!

How long can you make your bookworm grow?