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My Wishes
I hope that it has been an enjoyable year for everyone, and that everyone will pass their exams with flying colours!

From: Chung Jia Min, Pri 4, Rosyth School

Send your wishes
I wish that all of us will do exceptionally well in our PSLE.

From: Cardiye Sim, Pri 6, Rulang Primary
I wish that everyone will get good grades for PSLE and go to a good school!

From: Srinivasan Poonthamarai Nithilan, Pri 6, Changkat Primary

I hope that all of you have studied hard and played hard this year! Good luck to all Primary 6 students for their PSLE.

From: Leong Xin Fang, Pri 6, Kheng Cheng School

I hope everyone has a happy day!

From: Bobby Sing Song, Pri 6, River View Primary

I wish for everyone to study smart for their PSLE.

From: Kafka, Pri 6, Park View Primary

I wish that all Primary 6 children will score 220 and above for their PSLE and ace their preliminary examinations!

From: Dylan Lim Chun Kiat, Pri 6, Admiralty Primary

I wish all Primary 6 students the best, as the PSLE approaches. Have faith in what you are doing. Hard work pays off.

From: H.Inbha, Pri 6, Mind Stretcher (Anchorvale)

I hope everyone does well in their PSLE. GOOD LUCK!!!

From: Atifa Dyana Bte Md Shawal, Pri 6, Yuhua Primary